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I was born and raised in a peanut brittle loving family - but nothing I have ever had comes close to Hansen and Brittle’s mouthwatering confection. The variety of flavors she has is incredible: from Cashew, to Creole Pecan to Almond - with my personal fave being the traditional Peanut Brittle and the Ghirardelli Chocolate Drizzled Brittle. Her secret recipe is one that keeps your teeth intact! It’s a brittle that doesn’t stick to your teeth—-you won’t be disappointed.
— The Sturgis Family - Texas

“I love, love, love, peanut brittle. But through numerous purchases, I could never find any peanut brittle that tasted the way my Grandma made it; her peanut brittle was light, airy, yummy, and made with good nuts. When you ate her peanut brittle you didn’t need a crow bar to get the remnants out of your teeth.
Hansen and Brittle peanut brittle is by far the best I have had in years. And it is like eating my Grandma’s peanut brittle, which was the best. I did all the work for you by taste testing all the peanut brittle on the market. It is worth the purchase and I love that they are coming out with new peanut brittle recipes. Keep sending Hansen and Brittle peanut brittle. We love it at home and at our office. Thank you. ”

— Aldora N.

Hansen and Brittle Peanut Brittle is the best. It even has some New Orleans flavor!”

— Hans K.

“BEST BRITTLE EVER...light, crispy, yummy!”

— Betty and Gary S.

“Looking forward to sharing this wonderful brittle with friends, family, and clients. So good.”

— Christine R.

“I bought four packages of the Ghirardelli chocolate covered brittle for gifts and boy what a hit! Family raved about the quality and wanted to know who made it. Julie makes an amazing homemade treat. Highly recommend.”

— Cindy G.

“Shout out to @HansenBrittle for some of the best peanut brittle I’ve ever had!! #yum”

— Ryan M.

“Give this peanut brittle a try to find out why every lucky friend who got some for Christmas each year convinced Julie that she had to go into business to share it with anyone who appreciates amazing sweet treats for themselves or for gifts! You’ll be hooked!”

— Stacy D.

“Received your brittle for Christmas and it is wonderful. Best brittle we have ever had!”

— Dea G.

“I just wanted to tell you that everyone I gave your peanut brittle to just loved them!
The packaging was perfect!”

— Pam R.