Our Story

Hansen's peanut brittle has been famous among our friends and family since the 1950's. It was my mother, Marilyn Hansen, who perfected the recipe. I remember helping her pack boxes of the mouth-watering candy for lucky recipients at Christmas time. I have fond memories of watching my mother, in her ruffled kitchen apron, make batch after batch in our small Detroit kitchen. The sweet smell of hot sugar and peanuts floated through the house and drew me to the candy jar, again and again. One piece was never enough!

After growing up and moving to Louisiana, I found myself longing for a taste of home and dug my mother's recipe out of the bottom of the recipe box. Now, it was ME making batch after batch of brittle to share with grateful friends, and it was my children that were raiding the candy jar and helping me package those Christmas boxes. Over the years, our list of brittle lovers has grown to encompass friends both new and old, in many spots throughout the country. While my family and I have grown and moved from place to place, our peanut brittle has stayed the same, acting as a delicious link from our past to our present, going out each year with love and warm wishes reminding friends and family that we miss them and wish we could see them more often.

These days we send boxes of brittle to Michigan, Indiana, Louisiana, California, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and various places in between and have decided to share the joy that is Hansen and Brittle with all of you.